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About the hardened results of the summer zalikovo-examination session 2019-2020

      On the 27th of spring 2020, the results of the summer session of the 2019-2020 n.r. students of the day and part-time forms of navchannya, yaka was carried out remotely in the minds of quarantine. According to the results, there is a decrease (by 0.9%) in the indicator of the quality of knowledge of students at the university at the time of the last session of the past new fate.

     Based on the results of the information provided by the proponents of the project, the project, which has been transferred to the consolidated results of the session, and the need for analysis by the deans of the faculties and the head of the departments of the reasons for the low quality of knowledge and the implementation of the process of learning for the improvement.


Monday, October 05, 2020

On the 27th of spring 2020, the results of the summer session of the 2019-2020 n.r. students of the day and part-time forms of education.

     The analysis of the results on the date of the new date can mean that, in terms of the indicators of the past rock, it changed:

- admission of students-witnesses by 2.2%;

- There are a lot of students who made the session "good" by 3.3%.

     There were a lot of quiet students, so they posted a session on "good, good" (by 1.2%) and a number of students who sent a session to "change" estimates (by 3.4%). The number of students, with unsatisfactory assessments, increased by 0.9%.

     For an extramural form, it is possible to mean that you have changed:

- a hundred students who posted a session on "good and good" by 0.18%;

- There are a lot of students who have posted a session on a "change" of 5.73%.

     Based on the results of the summer session, the knowledge of university students in the university should be on the day form - 39.37%, in correspondence - 38.77%. There is a slight decrease (close to 1%) in the early days of the last early rock.

     In such a rank, on the occasion of the commission of the project, the decision is made to take revenge on the offensive:

1. Confirm the results of the summer gala-examination session 2019-2020 n.a. students of the day and part-time forms of education.

2. Deans of faculties in spіlnі, heads of departments and guarantors of educational programs to analyze the causes of low quality knowledge, to conduct a visit to polish the educational process on educational programs, as the knowledge of education in less than 25%.

3. The heads of the departments have a high level of knowledge and knowledge about the analysis of the integrated education programs for the prospect of improving the educational process.

4. To the deans of faculties at the department's past, glad of the faculties in enrolling students and scientific and pedagogical pratsivnikov, before discussing the nutrition as to educate the students, in the beginning methodical education and organization of the educational process in the university

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