Conference Venue

Updated: 1/18/2011

The international theoretical and practical conference “Informatization the education in Ukraine. IT in higher education” has been held since 2001. During this time the subject matter of the conference covered various aspects of  Informatization of the education, particularly eligibility requirements to the computer literacy in the system of public service, education, science; the infrastructure of IT is used in training; teaching informatics at schools and in the institutions of higher education; employment of IT at schools and universities in the course of studying various disciplines; issues of training and retraining teachers; development, implementation and maintenance of software educational purposes; development of distance learning and others.

The holding of these conferences was initiated by a joint European project Tempus “Informational infrastructure of HEI”, whereupon at different years the conference presented the results of the international projects  that were related to different aspects of using information technologies in the institutions of higher education, trainings of specialists in IT sphere, development of educational software tools.

During the last three years at conferences it was discussed actively such issues as cooperation of IT companies and universities, transfer of attainments (universities – companies, companies – universities), development that are conducted by universities for applied domain, special  object-oriented educational environment. Therefore (that is why) at the conference 2010 it was decided to rename it for the purpose of more accurate definition of the subject matter.

We invite to take part representatives of institutions of higher education, companies, organizations, institutions that work on the IT market, professional (competent) associations for discussion such issues as integration of universities and business, labour-market needs, provoding quality training of specialists in IT sphere, using the results of research  and development of universities in production of software and training of highly qualified specialists.