Scientific Activities

Updated: 5/15/2020

Key topics and areas of research

Information technology in higher education institutions and methods of their use.
    Research supervisor – prof. A.V Spivakovsky

Scientific and methodological problems of development of modern educational software (e-books of new generation).    

    Research supervisor – prof. A.V. Spivakovsky, prof. M.S. Lvov

Scientific and technological challenges of the information software management of modern higher education institution.

   Research supervisor – prof. A.V. Spivakovsky
   Chief specialist  D.E . Schedrolosyev

The problems of quality control of the design processes of modern software systems.

  Research supervisor – prof. M.S. Lvov
  Chief specialist  –  A.V. Bulat

Design methods and technologies of mathematical systems of educational purposes.
   Research supervisor  – prof. M.S. Lvov

Methods of static analysis and formal specification of algebraic programs.

  Research supervisor  – prof. M.S. Lvov

Design methods of computer systems support of practical training.

  Research supervisor – Assoc. prof. G.M . Kravtsov

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