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Updated: 2/5/2020

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Відеоролик про кафедру

Work on professional orientation is led by the teaching staff of the Computer Science Departmen. It is aimed at discovering among the youth of rural and city area talented and good at studying exact sciences boys and girls who are eager to receive higher education on the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Areas of Kherson region where professional orientation work is led:

The quality of training in the sphere of high information and communication technologies is guaranteed by skillful and highly qualified faculty members who realize their work on the basis of modern training facilities.

Teaching stuff of the Computer Science Department hold regular meetings with the students of Kherson physico-technical lyceum. 

Meetings of Computer Science Department teaching stuff with the students of Kherson physico-technical lyceum:

There is a regional weekend physico-mathematical school working under KSU. The chief goal of this educational unit is to prepare senior pupils in order they could pass entrance examination to KSU and start studying on a chosen specialty on the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Graduates of the specialty “System Sciences and Cybernetics” have great career opportunities. They can work in state and private companies on the following positions:

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Specialist in other Fields of Computer Engineering
  • Specialist in Statistics
  • Researcher (Statistics)
  • Researcher
  • Engineer of Production Management
  • Junior Research Fellow
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Specialist in the Field of Computer Science

The majority of our graduates successfully pass interviews and get high-paying jobs in international companies specializing in software engineering as DataArt, Postindustria, Arisent

Employers’ and students’ reviews on Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science Department

KSU participate in preparation and realization of numerous international projects in the sphere of science and education (European Committee Programmes Tempus-Tasis and others). There also exists a double-diploma agreement which gives the students of Specialty “System Sciences and Cybernetics” possibility to receive a double diploma (the Diploma of KSU and the Diploma of New York State University).

Students’ Training in the Center of Information and Communication Technologies

Students of IV-V courses pass training/internship in the laboratories of Research Institute of IT. During it they learn the specific features of software production process, the structure of information systems, tasks and problems that are solved in these systems, they also independently perform various tasks, get acquainted with the work of structural units, are involved in the practical activities within these units, help professionals in their work, realize individual projects. The work which is done by students during their practice is closely related to that of a real software engineer or programmer.

Gifted students are involved into the working process of the Information and Communication Center.

Trainee students in the departments of the Center for ICT:

Students of the 5th course, who receive Master’s Degree pass scientific and pedagogical training on the basis of the Computer Science Department. 

Work held with junior students:

Participation of Students and Teachers in International Olympiads

One of the most important directions in establishment of new international connections is participation of teachers and students in international conferences, Olympiads and competitions.

Being young and daring each student always finds time not only for studies, but for fun. Sport in the University is one of the main components of students’ life. Every year a number of different sport competitions are held among Faculties of KSU. Students of our faculty always take part in various tournaments, athletics meetings, students’ games and other city and region sport events, because sport is an inseparable part of healthy lifestyle.

On the 7th of April on the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science was held a meeting between international students and vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical affairs, informational technologies and international relationship Oleksandr Spivakovsky, representatives of Computer Science Department, IT Research Institute laboratories and DataArt. There was presented a contribution that KSU made in the sphere of IT and there were examined a lot of questions concerning preparation of specialists in the the area of high information and communication technologies in order to engage international students to enter our University.

Meeting with international students:

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