Updated: 12/13/2017

KSU has 12 faculties. If you carefully learn specific research areas and different departments, you will find many similarities. This is not surprising: the development of research directions for the faculties of many parallel, so close your aspiration research areas you can find several departments at once. Of course, each department has its own particular specialization difference, but it is the details that you can understand, being students, and to clarify their choice. Read and choose. 

Faculty of Biology, Geography and Ecology
Preparatory Center and work with foreigners
Faculty of Pre-School and Elementary Education
Faculty of Econimics and Management
Faculty of Foreign Philology
Faculty of Culture and Arts
Faculty of Natural Science
Faculty of Psychology, History and Sociology
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Informational Technologies
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
Faculty of Philology and Journalism
Faculty of Law