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About the results of the students' living in the disciplines
of the 2nd semester 2019-2020

     On the 27th of spring, 2020, the nutritional results in the education of students for the disciplines of the 2nd semester 2019-2020.

     Bouli presents the results in detail in the graphs and figures. The decrease in the number of students was promoted to the level of education in the first (bachelor's) level of education and education for the health of another (master's) level of education in the early seventies. Out of the foreign number of generated questionnaires, less than 18% (5521 questionnaires) will be filled with health care providers. I am glad to have analyzed the reasons for the lack of motivation of the students.

Monday, October 05, 2020

     On September 27, 2020, the Academic Council raised the issue of the results of the survey of students in the disciplines of the 2nd semester of 2019-2020 academic year. The head of the education quality assurance department reported that 5521 (18%) questionnaires were filled out during the survey, among them: 4236 (16%) - applicants for the first (bachelor's) RVO, 1285 (30%) - applicants for the second (master's) RVO.

     Compared to the previous survey, for the 2nd semester of 2019-2020 academic year. the percentage of applicants for the first (bachelor's) RVO who took part in the survey is much lower than in the 1st semester. However, the applicants of the second (master's) RVO have an increase in activity in the survey compared to previous indicators. Detailed information on faculties was also presented at the Academic Council. The Academic Council predicts that the decrease in the percentage of questionnaires is due to the fact that students do not see obvious changes in educational programs and the educational process.

     Therefore, guarantors of educational programs are recommended to place reports on the official pages of departments on the possibility of taking into account the proposals of students in the next review of educational programs. Also, research and teaching staff is recommended to use Google forms, KSU-online platform to introduce student surveys, taking into account the specifics of the relevant educational components. Further work is also planned to motivate applicants for higher education to be interviewed based on the results of their studies of the disciplines of the previous semester. The results of the survey are very valuable and give excellent feedback from key participants in the educational process.

The results of the survey of SP applicants by faculties (their study of disciplines of the II semester 2019-2020) 

Faculty of History and Law Download pdf (173.1 Kb)
Faculty of Medicine Download pdf (171.2 Kb)
Faculty of Education Download pdf (167.2 Kb)
Faculty of Social Psychology Download pdf (169.5 Kb)
Faculty of Biology, Geography and Ecology Download pdf (179 Kb)
Faculty of Economics and Management Download pdf (184.6 Kb)
Faculty of Foreign Philology Download pdf (173 Kb)
Faculty of Culture and Arts Download pdf (178 Kb)
Faculty of Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics Download pdf (179.7 Kb)
Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Journalism Download pdf (196.9 Kb)
Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Download pdf (166.4 Kb)


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