Updated: 9/26/2023

The Museum and archival centre



Директор музею - Самсакова Ірина Владиленівна

The head of the museum and archival center - Samsakova Iryna Vladylenivna, the Excellence in Education of Ukraine awardee, the honoured worker of KSU.



1. Vynogradova Luisa Veniaminivna – the leading specialist, the honored worker of culture of Ukraine

2. Gordiienko Iryna Volodymyrivna – the leading specialist

3. Honcharuk Iryna Ivanivna - the leading specialist

4. Didenko Alyona Mykolaivna - the II category specialist


Музей історії ХДУ

The museum and archival center was created by the resolution of the Academic council of 26.09.2011 for the purpose of work’s optimization of KSU archive, active use of its funds in research of students, the improvement of carrying out of the archival practice of students. The museum and archival center consists of: the national model museum of history of KSU, the museum branch of faculties and KSU’s archive.

Museum of the history of Khersonstate University was founded according to the order of the rector of  October 23, 1998. To the 85-anniversary of University, after the reexposition in September 2002, the Museum was opened in the new building.

Subject and the exposition plan of the Museum meets the historical (professional) profile. Exhibition sections reveal the history of creation and development of University, and cover the period from 1914 to the present days. The level of the artistic design of the exposition is very professional. The exhibition is constantly updated and supplemented.


The museum territory occupies 2 rooms, 143 sq.m., an exposition – 117 sq.m, the repository – 14 sq.m., an office of the director - 12 sq.m. The museum has a hardware: a computer, a camera, a conditioner. The total funds of the museum contain 1941 exhibits, 938 from them are the fixed assets. Thanks to the search work the quantity of exhibits constantly increases. The museum has a necessary conditions for storage of original materials both in an exposition, and in the repository.

The account of the museum subjects is kept, 3 inventory books are available: for exhibits of fixed assets, for photos and documents, for funds of storages. The museum keeps the documentation: accounting’s books for visitors of the excursions, educational activities, studies; exhibitions, methodical work, professional orientation work; the visitors' book, the plans of work and reports on museum activity during the academic years are formed, protocols of meetings of museums’ council are kept.

The museum of history of KSU in operational management submits to the vice rector of scientific activity Fediaieva Valentyna Leonidivna and is a part of the museum and archival center. The museums’ work is organized on the basis of the self-government the highest governing body of which is the museums’ council with the total number of 16 employees.


The museum of history of KSU became an important center of educational work among the students of the university and professional orientation – among the studying youth. High educational potential of the museum is caused by that it gives the chance to combine the old, long-known and already enough tested educational means checked by time with the new, recently invented ones.

The guides from the number of students who conduct thematic and sightseeing tours, first of all for the freshmen, work at the museum. One of the directions of the museums’ activity is a patriotic education of student's youth. Council of museum together with students’ council have collected the materials about veterans of war – teachers and employees of KSU. A great search work was carried out and connections with the son of the former graduate, the Hero of the Soviet Union  Polonii Iurii were established. It gave the chance to fill up the museum with important personal papers and things. The educational events devoted to Day of the defender of the Fatherland, to Day of Kherson release from the fascist aggressors are held at the museum. On the eve of the Victory Day meetings with veterans of war are passed.


The museum organizes the sightseeing excursions for pupils of schools and entrants that is an important link of professional orientation work. In conversations of such plan the emphasis is placed on the brightest pages of history of university, stages of formation of its divisions, significant events in collective life, on new interesting and perspective specialties.

On the basis of a museum the methodical work is carried out: consultations for students during writing the scientific articles, term and final papers; seminars for libraries’ deputies ofKherson, school museums’ deputies of the region.

For the reached successes in creation of expositions and educational work among the youth by the board’s resolution of management of culture of Kherson regional public administration in 2002 the museum of history of KSU was appropriated a rank "National", in 2005 – it was awarded a rank "Exemplary" by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. In 2008 and 2012 the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine confirmed a rank "The model museum".


The tasks of archival division of the museum and archival center:

 - reception from structural divisions of university and storage of archival documents with different types of material data carriers;

- control of condition of storage and correctness of paperwork in structural divisions of university collectively with the general department;

- participation in drawing up and coordination of the summary nomenclature of university’s affairs, checking of the compliance of formation of documents in affairs according to the approved nomenclature;

- maintaining the state accounting of documents of National archival fund and annual submission of data about their quantity to State archive of theKhersonregion;

- carrying out the preliminary expert examination of the documents’ value which are stored, drawing up and representation on the consideration of experts commission of university the drafts of inventories of affairs of continuous storage, inventories of affairs of long (over 10 years) storages, inventories of affairs as for staff and long (over 10 years) storages, inventories of affairs as for staff and acts of withdrawal for destruction of the documents which haven't been brought in National archival fund;

- creation and improvement of the reference centre as for the archival documents;

- the organization of using of archival documents, giving the archival references, copies, extracts from documents to legal entities and natural persons according to the rules;

- preparation, transfering and transportations of the documents of National archival fund to State archive ofKhersonregion at the expense of the university;

- participation in  refresher courses for employees of university who are responsible for work with documents.


Examples of inquiries for obtaining the references of social and legal character




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