Updated: 11/18/2016

Web-multimedia encyclopaedia study course "The history of general and pre-school pedagogy"


Web- multimedia encyclopaedia " The history of general and pre-school pedagogy" is part of the dynamic information and communication teaching environment. Suitable for use in the classroom for the students specialty " Early childhood education " in the course of « history of general and pre-school pedagogy ."

Web- encyclopedia will enable not only expand through multimedia course content , but also create a structure that meets the current requirements of credit-modular system include its constituent modern Web- assessment system for the quality of training and self-study students.

Structural components:

  • Welcome Page
  • The work program
  • Modules
  • Folder creative tasks
    • Video Samples
    • Crosswords
    • Examples
  • Multimedia Gallery
  • Presentations
  • Examination of at least
  • Test
  • Glossary

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