Updated: 11/18/2016

Distance learning system «KSU Online»


Distance learning system «KSU Online» is designed to:

  • Support the learning process of students full-time, part-time and external studies;
  • Of distance learning;
  • Information exchange between teacher and student, and between students themselves;

One of the strengths of the system - opportunities for communication and interaction of participants in the learning process. «KSU Online» File Sharing support any formats.

Service distribution allows to inform all participants of the course or a specific group of current events. An important feature of the system is that the system creates and maintains port folio of each student:

  • All put them work;
  • All posts on the forum;
  • All ratings and comments of the teacher to work.

In preparation for the classes in the system «KSU Online» teacher can handle a large set of tools as elements of the course (glossary, resources, tasks, forum, etc. ..)

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