Folk Dance Esemble "Chubariki"

Updated: 4/13/2020

Ensemble "Chubaryky" was organized in March 1993. Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, Ukraine Excellence in Education Chuboyu Vasily, who by this time is its artistic director.

Under the group "Chubaryky" participated in more than 160 concerts, held 10 concerts, reports to the city public. He is an active participant in local and regional events to mark special events in the life of the city, region, country.

Since 1999, Folk Dance Ensemble "Chubaryky" was the basic educational and creative team of the Academic Lyceum at KSU to prepare talented young people for university and is the basic educational and creative team choreography department of the Faculty of Culture and Arts KSU.

As part of the learning process, combining it with the practice of performing a concert and cultural and educational activities of the group, whose repertoire consists of a Ukrainian dance and choreographic compositions of lyrical, heroic and romantic, humorous themes.

The repertoire of collective identity is marked by originality and in promoting the unique examples of folk art, development of domestic and foreign classical repertoires as evidenced by reaching high places in competitions and festivals choreography.

The second regional competition choreographic collectives "Awakening" group "Chubaryky" received the Grand Prix, and 2nd year student of S. Bystritskaya recognized as the best soloist competition. At the interregional competition small dance forms, individual performers and choreographer works "Autumn fancy" named after V. highlanders (Kakhovka, 2000) Folk Dance Ensemble "Chubaryky" has been awarded with the award of diploma and degree in the category "Best choreographer work."

Since 1993, the team - the winner of a permanent regional dance competitions system of public education.

In 1994 the ensemble won first place at the International Competition "Alice in see" in Evpatoria, which held an international association of children's creativity. In 1995 "Chubaryky" became winners of the Third Ukrainian Festival Competition "Your Star" in Ternopil.

At a high performance and artistic level of the ensemble concerts were held at international festivals in St. Etienne de Roy, France and the city of Lipari, Italy, as evidenced by letters of gratitude organizing committees of these festivals.

Folk dance ensemble "Chubaryky" is a laureate of international contests and festivals "Golden Stork" (Nikolaev 1988.) Festivals in France (1996, 2002.), Italy (1997), National "Your Star" (1995 m . Ternopil), the P. Virsky (2003), "Charm" (2005) regional competitions: "Autumn Fantasies" (2000) first place, "Awakening" (2000) Grand Prix, "Dance Seasons "(2006) Grand Prix

Only recently the team took an active part in such activities high school, regional, national and international levels:

• Grand concert artists and art collectives of Ukraine in the National Palace "Ukraine" and the artistic and sporting theatrical performance "Symphony of Independent States" at the Independence Square, dedicated to 10th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine.

• In concert programs: "XXI century - the first autumn," "Open House Chair Dance" concert for members of rural sports of Ukraine Kyiv, concert for the delegates to the Second Congress of educators Ukraine, Kyiv National Palace " Ukraine, "FALL divertissement" concert on the occasion of 10th anniversary of Ukraine's Armed Forces, "Tavria patterns," "You're in my heart, Ukraine", "Oh great, the only" concert program of artists and creative groups of Kherson State University academic lyceum at KSU "Strange Land of Dreams" (National Palace "Ukraine", Kyiv), "Ten Moments of Spring," "Man of the Year Kherson", "Star Waltz", "Autumn Waltz", "Who are you - Ukraine? "concert program on the occasion of 85th anniversary KSPU" This is my Ukraine "creative report to members of the ensemble festivals - Competitions choreographic collectives" Inspiration "(2000 - 2007r.r,), celebrated the 10th anniversary of the judicial system of independent Ukraine, action-concert "Woman of the Year" and others.

• Conducting scientific and practical conferences and seminars for managers choreographic collectives (2000-2007 years), organizing and conducting regional competition "Awakening" (2000-2002, 2004-2007rr.), Which was attended by 31 staff from Kherson, Mykolayiv, Dnipropetrovsk regions, Crimea).

• worthily represented by members of the ensemble choreography of Ukraine in international projects: the days of Slavic culture in the city of Nice (France), mega - show "Young America - Young Ukraine".

The staff group consists of 38 students aged 17 to 22 years.

In the creative works of folk art collective "Chubaryky" - 26 choreographic sketches and songs.


Концерт посвященный 20-летию народного ансамбля танца "Чубарики"