Hennadiy Kravtsov

Updated: 7/25/2022



Academic degree: PhD (Mechanics of fluids, gas and plasma)

Position: Head of Department, Associate Professor of Chair of Informatics, Software Engineering and Economic Cybernetics of Kherson State University

Academic rank: Associate Professor

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year    institute/ university/ academy                                    qualification
1975    Leningrad State University                                        mechanics
1978    Post graduate studies at Leningrad State University    PhD

Professional experience: 

from     till        company                                            position
1979    1980    Kemerovo Technological Institute           senior lecturer
1980    1997    Kherson State Pedagogical Institute      associate professor, head of the department
1994    1995    Institute of problems of computer           senior scientific worker
                      science RAN, Moscow       
1997    2000    Regional Business Institute, Kherson     senior scientific worker
2001    2003    Kherson State Pedagogical University    head of Multimedia Technologies Laboratory
2004               Kherson State University                       head of Research Laboratory of Multimedia and
                                                                                 Distance Learning Technologies, associate professor

Research interests: 

  •        Mathematic modeling of systems and processes;
  •        Designing and technologies of distance learning systems;
  •        A technique of carrying out of distance learning;
  •        Quality assurance of electronic training resources and knowledge in the course of distance learning;
  •        Multimedia technologies in the course of training.