Kherson State University

Legal address: Kherson State University, 27 Universytets’ka St.,Kherson, Ukraine 73003

Actual address:  14 Shevchenko St., Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, 76018

Phone: (Ivano-Frankivsk) +380963102636
Selection committee
Phone: +380966130516, +380684462993 (Viber, Telegram)

Email addresses of institutes and faculties

Updated: 6/26/2023

Faculty of Biology, Geography and Ecology

Dean of the Faculty - Pylypenko Ihor Olehovych


Anna +380660139405

Alexei +380995101702

Faculty of Pedagogy

Dean of the Faculty - Petukhova Lyubov Yevhenivna


Natalia +380665358258

Faculy of Bussines and Law

Dean of the Faculty - Solovyov Andriy Ihorovych


Margarita +380506581219

Natalia +380958405523

Faculty of Ukrainian and Foreign Philology and Journalism

Dean of the Faculty - Goshtanar Iryna Viktorivna

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Dean of the Faculty - Glukhov Ivan Gennadievich +380505387397

Faculty of Computer Sciences, Physics and Mathematics

Dean of the Faculty - Tatyana Goncharenko

Faculty of Culture and Arts

Dean of the Faculty - Levchenko Mykola Hryhorovych +380505172029

Faculty of Psychology, History and Sociology

Dean of the faculty - Shaposhnikova Iryna Vasylivna


Natalia +380951882181

Medical Faculty

Dean of the faculty - Ihor Valentinovych Golovchenko +380661151349

Office of pre-university training, postgraduate education and work with foreigners


Email address departments

Updated: 7/11/2022


chief accountant - Popova Irina Mikhailovna

Personnel Department

Head of the Personnel Department - Kudas Natalia Anatoliivna

Planning department

The head of the department is Glushchenko Olena Oleksandrivna

General Department

Editorial and publishing department

The head of the department is Ivanenko Oleh Anatoliiovych