Updated: 9/27/2022

The modern world-class University is unthinkable without intensive International Cooperation and Integration into the Global Educational and Research Space. Therefore, the development of bilateral and comprehensive International Relations, Educational and Scientific Projects is one of the priorities of the Kherson State University.

Cooperation with foreign partners is realized in meaningful directions using various organizational forms - from student and professorial exchanges and participation in international conferences, seminars, "round tables" to the implementation of compatible integrated educational programs and activities within the framework of various international scientific and educational organizations. Establishment and development of effective mutually beneficial partnerships with leading educational institutions of the world, embassies, consulates and other diplomatic institutions, preparation of multilateral programs of cooperation in the field of science, education and culture.

Today, in the focus of International Relations - long-term programs and projects designed to increase the effectiveness of educational, research and analytical activities to the level of world standards.

Main directions of the Department work:

  •  Cooperation Expansion with Foreign Higher Educational Institutions, Scientific and Research Centers, Governmental / Non-governmental Organizations, Associations, Foundations, Public Organizations.
  •  Information and consulting services provision for students, graduate students and teachers on:

       - receiving grants;
       - scholarships;
       - training;
       - Internship abroad.

  • Preparation and conclusion of Agreements on Scientific, Academic and Cultural Cooperation with Foreign Higher Educational Establishments and International Organizations.
  •  Development and Promotion of International Projects in the field of science and education, attraction of funds from International Funds and Organizations for project financing.
  • Providing University Departments and Departments with information materials on international forums, conferences, seminars, presentations, exhibitions.
  • Admission of delegations and individual representatives of Foreign Partners, admission to the study of foreign students in the framework of Student Exchange Programs with Partner Universities of KSU.
  • Co-ordination and promotion of the work of the International Cultural Centers on the basis of the University.
  • Organization and promotion of academic mobility of students, postgraduates and university lecturers.
  • Conducting consultations on issues related to the execution of relevant documents for foreign missions of teachers, students, postgraduates and other staff of KSU.
  • Invitation and admission of foreign students, scientists and teachers to the university, coordination of their work / study and stay in Ukraine.
  • Membership in international associations and cooperation with them in the field of Higher Education.