Updated: 11/6/2018

Strategic Development Plan of Kherson State University for 2018-2023.pdf (763.5 Kb)


  • key performance indicators
  • perspective development plan in directions
  •  perspective plans for the development of the faculties

Conception: Alexander Spivakovsky, elected rector of Kherson State University, People's Deputy of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine

Editorial Board: Natalia Tyuhtenko, acting director rector of the university, vice-rector for educational and scientific-pedagogical work, Sergey Omelchuk, vice rector for scientific work.

Designers-developers: Natalia Tyukhtenko, Sergey Omelchuk, Oksana Lavrikova, Sergei Kuznetsov, Maxim Vinnik (sections І-ІІ); Ivan Glukhov, Irina Glushchenko, Irina Goshtanar, Andriy Kazanchan, Natalia Kushnir, Nikolay Levchenko, Volodymyr Olexenko, Andriy Solovyov, Lyubov Petukhova, Igor Pilipenko, Irina Shaposhnikova (Section III).

Expert Advisor - Olena Panich

Strategic Plan for the Development of Kherson State University for 2018-2023: Key Performance Indicators, Prospective Development Plan in Directions, Prospective Development Plans of the Faculties: a Collection of Documents / Committees. Ed. N. Tyuchtenko, S. Omelchuk. - Kherson: View of KSU, 2018. - 122 p.

The publication presents conceptual documents defining the most important directions of activities and measures necessary to achieve a stable position of the university in the market of educational services. The first section presents the Strategic Plan for the Development of Kherson State University for 2018-2023, the content of which is aimed at the successful implementation of key sectoral priorities. This section also contains key indicators of the effectiveness of the implementation of the Strategic Plan with the actual figures for 2018, the planned values in 2019 and the adjusted plan values for 2023. The second section presents the perspective plan for the development of the University in five areas, in particular the quality of the educational process and modernization. programs, scientific work, improvement of the image of the University and the creation of a creative socio-humanitarian environment, international communications and communication technologies, financial support and development of material and technical ichnoyi base. The third section is devoted to the perspective plans for the development of 11 faculties that function at the university.