Chair of Botany

Updated: 9/5/2017


Scientific activities

Educational and methodical activity



Moysienko Ivan Ivanovich. Head of the Chair of Botany. Doctor of biological sciences. Professor. He teaches courses normative "Botany", "Dendrology", courses "Fundamentals of Geobotany," "Sacred fitosozologiya", "Fundamentals phytocenology". Range of scientific interests: flora, systematics, geography in higher plants, protection of flora. In May 2011 he defended his doctoral dissertation.Academic achievements: 156 scientific publications, including 4 monographs (in collaboration), 53 publications in professional journals, 24 - in the English language (7 - in journals with high impact factor).


Khodosovtsev Aleksandr Evgenyevich. Doctor of biological sciences. Professor. Head of the research laboratory of biodiversity and environmental monitoring them. IK Pachosskogo. Laureate of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for outstanding achievements in the arrangement of Ukraine (2006). Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine (2009). Deputy chief editor of "Chornomorski Botanical Journal." He teaches courses normative "Botany (Systematics of photosynthetic prokaryotes, fungi and plants)", "Lichenology", "Fundamentals of Mycology", "Macroevolution and the macro-organic world", "Ecology". Terms of scientific interests: lichenology, mycology, environmental monitoring. Scientific use: more than 200 scientific works, including 4 monographs and textbooks, 33 articles in english, including a 12 - to the public from high-IMPACT-factor.




Boyko Michayl Fedoseevich. Doctor of biological sciences. Professor. Head of the research laboratory of plant introduction. Founder, chief editor of  "Chornomorski Botanical Journal". He teaches courses normative "Botany (Systematics of photosynthetic prokaryotes, fungi and plants)", "Bryology", "Wildness protection," "Fundamentals of research," courses  "Phylogeny of plants", "Phylogeny of the organic world", "Ekological problems.". Terms of scientific interests: botany (bryology), ecology, environment, reserved matter. Scientific use: 370 scientific and methodical works, including 13 monographs and textbooks. Author of articles in the Geographic Encyclopedia of Ukraine, Environmental Encyclopedia of Ukraine, Ukraine's Red Book, Red Dana Book of European Bryophytes. Prepared by post-graduate Department of Botany, 4 candidates of Biological Sciences. He was awarded an honorary sign "For scientific achievements.




Kartashova Irina Ivanovna. Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. Associate. Head of Scientific-methodical department. He teaches courses standard "method for teaching biology," Methods of teaching profile of environmental disciplines "," Ecology ". Terms of scientific interests: ways to enhance the cognitive activity of students in the school course of study of biology, diagnosis academic achievements of students in the field of biology and methodology of teaching in high school. Scientific use: more than 70 articles in periodicals and specialized publications, 25 guidelines and manuals.


Pavlova Nadezhda Romanovna. Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. Associate. He teaches courses normative "Plant Anatomy", "Botany (systematics of higher plants), "Biogeography", "Ecology". Terms of scientific interests: morphology and taxonomy of higher vascular plants. Scientific use: 55 scientific and teaching publications.


Zagorodniuk Natalia Vladimirovna. Ph.D. of Biological Sciense. Associate. He teaches courses normative "Environmental monitoring", "Plant Physiology and Biochemistry", "Ecology", "Biology". Research interests: bryology, warren thing herbarium case. Academic achievements: more than 40 scientific publications.



 Naumovich Anna Alexeevna. Lecturer of the Department. Postgraduate study at the department. Preparing for the Ph.D. defense. Research interests: lichenology, mycology, herbarium case. Academic achievements: more than 20 scientific publications.


 Gavrilenko Lubov Nikolaevna. Lecturer. Conducts laboratory courses and seminars "Botany (Mycology)", "Fundamentals of Mycology", "Lichenology", "Microbiology" "Virology", "Ecology", "Phylogeny of plants." Postgraduate study at the department. Preparing for the Ph.D. defense. Research interests: lichenology, laboratory work. Academic achievements: 24 scientific publications.

Alekseeva Svetlana Anatolyevna. Head of the teaching office of Botany. Secretary of the Department.


Kashavar Maryna Nikiforovna. Laboratory assistant.

 Ischenko Vita Vasylievna. Senior laboratory assistant.


History of Chair

Chair of Botany - one of the oldest departments of Kherson State University. Actually, her story began in 1917 when, in Kherson, on the basis of the evacuated Tartu, the Teachers' Institute, was founded Pedagogical Institute. Here is a natural faculty creates cabinet of natural history, since 1924 renamed the study of botany, which, in turn, grew to a separate department.
Preparing students held then, as now, the richest local demonstration and handouts, well-studied famous scientist of world renown - I.K. Pachosky. Obviously, it is the activities of Joseph Konradovich and his student, Tikhonova, who taught at the institute discipline Botanical cycle, should be binding authority department of botany as such. Unfortunately, the fate of scientists in Kherson not formed due to the introduction in Kherson the Soviet regime - I.K. Pachossky emigrated to Poland, Tikhonova was repressed.

In 1934 when the Department of Botany, at the initiative and draft a teacher plant systematics M.S. Kryvoshey, was founded a botanical garden (an area of 14 hectares) as a base for teaching and research work of teachers and students of natural-geographical faculty.

 Since 1972, the Botanical Garden is the reserved object - a park-monument of landscape architecture. In 2011 he published "Cheklіst Roslyn i gribіv Botanіchnogo garden Hersonskogo unіversitetu sovereign." The book provides information on the plants (bryophytes, gymnosperms, angiosperms) and fungi (including lichens) that grow in open conditions Botanic Garden of KSU. On the whole collection Agrobiostantsii - Botanical Garden KSU has 16 species of mosses, 24 species of gymnosperms, 555 species of angiosperms, 60 species of fungi and 23 species of lichens.

In 1945, the Chair begins to set up a herbarium, which today has more than 13,500 herbarium sheets. Since early 90-ies of XX century herbarium replenished with a large collection of lichens - 6500 samples (Khodosovtsev A.E.), higher plants - 6000 herbarium sheets (Moysienko I.I., Melnyk R.P., Boiko M.F., etc. .) bryophyte - 1000 (Boiko M.F., Zagorodniuk N.V.). 1993 herbarium introduced in the International Register «Index Herbariorum»; it was granted the international acronym for «KHER». Herbarium collections of Chair is actively used by students, undergraduates, postgraduates, scientists from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic for writing scientific monographs, graduate work, course projects.

In 1993, the Chair of Botany was called to postgraduate study, in which, under the guidance of Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Boiko M.F. written and brilliantly defended their dissertations teachers Khodosovtsev A.E., Moysienko I.I., Melnyk R.P., Pavlov V.V., Zagorodniuk N.V. This has contributed to the establishment and successful operation of the scientific school of botany professor Boiko. M.F.

Updating the Chair made it possible for graduates of postgraduate study in 2001, one hundred percent to ensure staffing of teachers with a degree of doctor and candidate of biological sciences.

 In addition to direct educational-methodical and scientific activities (for details, you can look at this issue on the relevant pages of our faculty: Go to the page "Research Department" go to "Learning-methodical work of the department"), here are actively publishing. Regularly published collection of scientific works of students, graduate students, teachers, "Science and technique", collections of abstracts of scientific conferences, prohodivyshih at the Department of Botany.

In 2005 at the initiative of prof. MF Boyko at the Department of Botany, Kherson State University has published "Chornomorski Botanical Journal", which covers a wide range of botanical issues and problems. The journal has an international registration - ISSN 1990-553X, he made a list of scientific publications profile of Ukraine, which may be published results of dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of doctor and candidate of sciences (Holds Prezidії WAC Ukraine 10.02.2010 № 1-05/1) . Frequency of issue of the journal in 2005-2008 - 2 issues per year, from 2009 - 4 issues per year.