Updated: 11/18/2016

Multimedia encyclopedia for the course «History of Education»

  • Works in operating system Windows XP, works with Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla Firefox
  • Developed in 2008
  • Developed unsolicitedly
  • Certificate on the copyright registration of the product № 24162 «Computer program «Multimedia encyclopedia for the course «History of Education»» from 11.04.2008
  • Users of system are teachers and students of higher education institutions
  • Developed as the distance version
  • Multimedia encyclopedia for studying course «History of Education» - is the integral system of studies and evaluation of students’ knowledges of faculty of primary education of full-time, correspondence and external forms of studying of pedagogical higher education instituitons

Appointed as the clarity of theoretical and practical issues (materials adapted for use in terms of credit-modular system), security and accessibility of information dissemination of the course «History of Education». Proceedings of the workshop containing the program, plans seminars and workshops, tasks for independent work of the course «History of Education», which are content with the position of social and cultural approach. The paper used a modular technology that will create conditions enabling, developing, and personality-creative function of learning. Given the specific learning of students, has developed a system of creative tasks and tests for self-control.