Updated: 2/19/2020

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports 



State licensing (series AB № 420874)


SAC from 01.07. 2008 protocol number 72 (Order of MES of Ukraine was 07,072,008. № 2180-L)


Date of issue of the license, the 05.11.2008.


Departments that carries Faculty of Physical Education and Sport


Specialties: 014.11 Secondary education (physical education) and 017. Physical education and sports in the list of specialties by which Kherson State University trains specialists is one of the main ones.

The training of specialists in these specialties at Kherson State University began in 1994. To date, about 400 full-time students are enrolled in the faculty: more than 250 of them are studying at the bachelor's degree; masters - 48 people. The correspondence department now has about 170 students. According to the state order, more than 100 students study in all forms.


Teaching for training at the Faculty has over 30 qualifications lecturers three departments of the faculty, including 2 doctors and professors, 16 candidates of sciences and associate professors.