Socio-humanitarian activities

Updated: 10/26/2020

Socio-humanitarian aspect of the department and the formation of general competencies soft skills competencies of higher education

Curators of academic groups

211 group (091 Biology) - Serhiy Beschasnyi

212 group (014 Secondary education (Biology and human health)) - Serhiy Beschasnyi

311, 312 group (014 Secondary education (Biology and human health)) - Igor Holovchenko

111m, 112m (014 Secondary education (Biology and human health)) - Olena Hasiuk

177m (091 Biology (Botany)) - Olena Hasіuk

In the conditions of the competence paradigm, the training of future teachers is realized through the organic unity of general and professional competencies. The acquisition of general competencies (soft skills competencies) in the pedagogical and scientific-methodological literature is interpreted as a set of knowledge, skills and abilities that are universal and whose importance only grows and actualizes over time. In contrast to professional competencies, soft skills competencies are focused on the harmonious development of the individual, the formation of generally accepted in the global world characteristics of man and specialist. According to the Draft Professional Standard for Professions "Primary School Teacher", "General Secondary School Teacher" (2020), the general competencies include the ability to act as a responsible citizen and participate in public life at different levels (civic competence). ; ability to interact with others in different social situations and critically evaluate social events and phenomena (social competence); ability to personal and professional self-determination, self-affirmation and self-realization throughout life, to appreciate diversity in society (culture of self-expression); ability to create a team of like-minded people, make effective decisions in professional activities and a responsible attitude to responsibilities (leadership competence); ability to creatively search and implement new ideas, to self-presentation and results of their professional activity; ability to manage one's own life and career (entrepreneurial competence).

The formation of the above general competencies (soft skills competencies) during the professional development of future teachers of biology (biology and basics of health) is designed at the Department of Human Biology and Immunology.

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