Julia Ushkarenko

Updated: 11/19/2020

Name: Ushkarenko Iuliia

1993-1998 Kherson Agricultural Institute named after Tsyrupa, majored in "Accounting and Auditing", qualification - economist in accounting and auditing (honours degree).
1995-1998 Kherson State Agrarian University, specialty "Legal support in the fields of agriculture", qualification - lawyer in agriculture (diploma with honours).
2001-2003. Odesa National Law Academy, specialty "Law", qualification - lawyer.
From 1998 to 2001 postgraduate studies with a break from production.

In June 2001, defended the PhD thesis in specialty 08.07.02 - Economics of Agriculture and Agroindustrial Complex at the Mykolayiv State Agrarian Academy on the topic "Increasing the economic efficiency of functioning of the food industry of the region (on the example of Kherson region)".

In 2010 defended her doctoral dissertation in specialty 08.00.04 - Economics and Management of Enterprises (by types of economic activity) at Zhytomyr National Agri-Ecological University on the topic "Development of agricultural cooperation (theory, methodology, practice).

Degree: Doctor of Economics
Academic status: Professor
Position: Head of the Department of Economics and International Economic Relations
Basic disciplines:

"Regional Economy","Global Economy", "National economy"

Scientific interests: European Union economy, International Economy, Creative Economy
List of works:
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