Кафедра теорії та методики дошкільної та початкової освіти

Updated: 10/19/2022

The Department of Theory and Method of Pre-School and Primary Education was founded on the 1 of July in 2020 year after the integration of the Department of Nature and Mathematics Disciplines and Speech Therapy and also the Department of Philology. Today it’s one of the most powerful structures of the Kherson State University.

            The Head of the Department is the Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Assistant of Professor Sahan Olena Valeriivna. Under her guiding there work 11 Assistants of Professors, 1 Senior Lecturer and 2 Lecturers who are different on their age and experience and provide the realization of the educated trajectories of students of the specialties “Pre-school Education”, “Primary Education”, “Special Education” during the teaching more than 60 educated component on specializations – basics on informatics, Ukrainian Studies, English language.

            Professor-Lecturer department’s group actively cooperates with the different education institutions. To the educated process are attracted the high-qualified stakeholders thank to whom the connection of science, education and practice is effectively made.

            The scientific activity of the department is a part of the education system and is directed on the scientific rationale of the ways of solving the problems of forming the professional competence of the contemporary pedagogue and its providing into the educated process of the university.

            The Department’s group takes place in the innovational kinds of studying and methodical work: conferences, seminars, trainings, master-classes, courses of fulfilment of pedagogical workers qualifications. The unique work’s form for the lecturers is a taking part in the project “ The University of the third generation – for the young soul students” which gives the opportunity to the people of pension age to take part in the active student life (initiator and organizer of the project is  Rector of the Kherson State University, Professor Olexandr Spivakovsky).

            The members of the Department closely cooperate with the representatives of High Education Institutions of Ukraine, countries of CIS and Europe, namely, with the Academy named after Ya.Dlugosh (Chenstakhova, Poland), the Gospels Frobelseminar (Kassesl,Germany), Foundation of Saint Elizabeth Ferein (Marburg, Germany),the Baranovychy State University (Baranovychy, Republic of Belarus’), the Pomorska Academy (Slupsk, Poland); the Klagenfurt University (Klagenfurt, Austria). Such as powerful international connections let to students to get the education on the project by “Double Diploma” and to be competitive specialists in the countries of European Union.

            The Department on its quantity of the issued scientific and methodical production (monograph, guides, methodical materials, articles in the special and foreign issues, articles with index of citation in the sientometric databases Copernicus, Web of Sciences, Scopus) is one of the advanced at the university.

            Much attention pays to the approbation of the scientific ideas of students. From the very first year course they participate in the scientific work in the problem groups and scientific circles.

            The graduates have the opportunity to make an approbation of their investigations in the collection of scientific work of the Kherson State University “Master’s Studies” and as well in the scientific collection of the department “Formation of investigated competences of the pedagogues of pre-school and primary education”.

            Attracting young people to the different forms of scientific and investigated work let to train not only high-quality specialists but also to create the conditions for the further attracting graduates of the department to the scientific and pedagogical work at the university.

            Lecturer group of the Department together with the curators of academic groups makes active the creative activity of the students encouraging them to the taking part in numerous culture and educated actions. Curators create the moral and psychological, organizational conditions for the self-development of the personality, up-bringing of cultural, politically matured, high-qualified specialists with the taking into consideration of their intellectual abilities.

            To improve the quality of the educational process helps the modern material and technical base which has: modern cabinet of informatics, co-working centre, discipline auditory on the Ukrainian Studies and the proud of the whole university – is a cabinet with the interactive floor.

            The aim of the Department : to provide such a special education which on the bases of the national acquirements of the world meaning and the established European traditions gives the possibility to form the competitive pedagogical workers on the labor market, who can make an active the professional activity on the democratic and human principles, to realize the educational politics as priority function of the statement which direct on the development and self-realization of the personality, satisfying their spiritual and cultural demands.