March, 11, 2015. We invite you to participate in the round-table meeting on the topic: Cruise tourism in the Kherson region: issues and prospects in the framework of the of the project TEMPUS CruiseT






We invite you to take part in the round table on "Cruise Tourism in Kherson region: problems and prospects" which will be held on March 11, 2015 on the Faculty of Natural Science, Human Health and Tourism, Kherson State University.

        Venue: the main building of KhersonStateUniversity. Address: 73000,Kherson, 40 Rokiv Zhovtnia st., 27.

        The registration of the participants will take place in the lobby of the 7th floor of the main building of KSU on March 11, 2015 at 11.00.

        Start of work - on March 11, 2015 at 12.00 (room 725, KSU main building).

        Equipment support of reports. The participants will have a computer and a screen for the presentation of reports during the session. It is recommended to execute slides using the program Microsoft PowerPoint.

        Regulation of Reports. The duration of presentations is 15 min. including the time of asking questions. The meeting will be provided a break for coffee lasting 15-20 minutes.

        Publication of materials. Following the results of the round table the collection of materials will be printed and its electronic version will be published on the site ofKhersonStateUniversity. Materials submitted in electronic and printed (1page) form. The text is performed in a text editor, Microsoft Word, spacing 1.5, font Times New Roman, 14. Tables, figures, photographs are submitted on separate pages with the appropriate signatures and explanations. Languages of edition are Ukrainian, Russian and English.


       The topics of presentations should be provided till March, 6, 2015.


        Contacts. On the issues related with the organization and holding of the round table, please email Tel.: (0552) 32-67-55, mob.: (066) 135-14-30.


        Address: 73000, Kherson, 40 Rokiv Zhovtnia, 27,KhersonStateUniversity, Faculty of Natural Science, Human Health and Tourism.