14.03.2016. Meeting with foreign partners of the project Tempus CruiseT in the KSU






On  March, 14  guests  from  Germany  have visited  the Kherson State University: the specialist of «ТЕMPUS CruiseT Project », the expert  in the field  of  service  quality  of  hospitality industry,  Professor of  the University of  Ravensburg , Wolfgang   Fuchs  and  the chief project manager, Professor  of  University  of  Paderborn, Viacheslav  Nikitin.

Also, at  the event  took  part:  the  administration  of   Kherson Regional State Administration (KRSA), the representatives of  Department of Tourism and Resorts of  the  Department of  External Economic Activity, Tourism and Resorts of  Kherson Regional State Administration, partners of  the project from «Odessa Maritime  Academy»,  and  also  lecturers  and students from  KSU. 

More information can be found on:http://www.kspu.edu/PublisherReader.aspx?newsId=5717