October, 29, 2014. Participation in the visiting session of the working group on proposal development to the Draft Concept development of tourist and resort branch of the Kherson region until 2020





On 29th October 2014 in Golaya Pristan the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, human health and tourism, associate professor Lavrikova O. participated in the meeting of the working group on the development of proposals to the draft Concept of development of tourist and resort industryKherson region until 2020. The meeting was held on the basis of rural green tourism "Seagull", where members of public organizations of tourist destinations, representatives of tourist business, advertising agencies, universities and research institutions had the opportunity to discuss and identify the main problems and mechanisms of development of tourist and resort industry area.


The group worked in the following areas: - Development of outbound and domestic tourism varieties (village green, eco, event, cultural, historical, educational, extreme); - Marketing and promotional activities (creating an attractive image of Kherson region); - The development of resort and recreational complex (rational and efficient use of tourism resources); - Development of tourism infrastructure.