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Оновлено: 12.12.2019

Since the year 1999 the Computer Science department of Kherson State University has been successfully preparing bachelors, specialists and masters on specialty 6.04.0302, 7.040302, 8.04.0302 “Informatics” and since 2010 – bachelors on specialty “Software engineering”. The majority of graduates of this department successfully passes interviews and is employed in large companies specializing in software development DataArt, Aricent, Postindastrial etc., receiving relatively high starting salary. On the other hand, graduates who wish to engage in research are usually employed in the structural units of the Research Institute of Informational Technologies of Kherson State University with further approbation of candidate’s and doctoral theses in specialized councils of KSU as well as beyond it.

In addition, Computer Science Department is leading an active international collaboration, that allows our students and graduates to participate in internship programs and take PhD programs in universities in Nice Sophia-Antipolice (France), Glasgow Caledonian (Scotland) and Research Institute of symbolic computation (Austria).

As the substantial part of all subjects of the specialty was designed in accordance to international standards of education "Computer Curricula" and "Computer Engineering" degrees of our graduates are recognized by any foreign institution.

For teaching the subjects we always invite leading scholars of Ukraine (academician Letichevsky A.A. - Institute of Cybernetics by Glushkov (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), professor Zholtkevych G.M. - National University by Karazin V.N., professor Nikitchenko M.S. - Kyiv National University by Taras Shevchenko, etc.) as well as leading experts from companies specializing in software development. This approach allows to combine both theoretical and practical items in educational process.

Starting from II-III courses almost all students are involved in research process conducted at the Research Institute of IT (of practice and employment), a leader among educational institutions of Ukraine in production of software for educational purpose. Almost every student is involved in the development of real commercial software. This way we provide a high level of practical training of future specialists.

The majority of course papers, graduate and master's works are conducted within the research schools of professor Spivakovsky A.V. and professor L’vov M.S. So we provide a high level of theoretical training for future professionals.

Specialists in Informatics are oriented on software development (most fundamental disciplines are related to technology programming), while Software Engineering is focused on the processes of software development (most fundamental disciplines are related to software development process). For a more meaningful understanding of the differences between these specialties you are to learn the international standards of training on "Informatics" and "Software engineering".

Owing to a high level of theoretical and practical preparation of our graduates each year almost all of them are successfully employed in companies specializing in software development, research institutions of Kherson and Ukraine (despite the crisis they earn relatively high salaries).

Thus, we can say that the Department of Computer Science of Kherson State University is the undisputed leader in the south of Ukraine in training specialists in software development.

Students’ Training in the Center of Information and Communication Technologies

Students of IV-V courses pass training/internship in the laboratories of Research Institute of IT. During it they learn the specific features of software production process, the structure of information systems, tasks and problems that are solved in these systems, they also independently perform various tasks, get acquainted with the work of structural units, are involved in the practical activities within these units, help professionals in their work, realize individual projects. The work which is done by students during their practice is closely related to that of a real software engineer or programmer.

Gifted students are involved into the working process of the Information and Communication Center.

Trainee students in the departments of the Center for ICT:

Students of the 5th course, who receive Master’s Degree pass scientific and pedagogical training on the basis of the Computer Science Department. 

Work held with junior students:


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