Spivakovskiy Oleksandr

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Rector of Kherson State University, First Deputy Chairperson of Committee on Science and Education, Professor of the Chair of Informatics, Software Engineering and Economic Cybernetics, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Honoured Professor of Yan Dlugosh Academy, Corresponding member (Academician) of NAES of Ukraine, honored educator of Ukraine, Member of Specialized academic council K67.051.02 (13.00.02 - Theory and Methods of teaching (mathematics); 13.00.04 - Theory and Methods of professional education),Member of Specialized academic council of Institute of Information technology and methods of learning of NAPS Ukraine (13.00.10 – “Information and communication technologies in education”), chief editor of serial printed scientific publications "Informational Technologies in Education", member of the editorial board "David publishing", founder of fund "Education.Science.Innovation" (OSEF)


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  • Only in the swamp you realize that you can only rely on what resists 

  • It is very difficult lying to its knees 

  • "Feel the difference"
    Result after the delirium is not always delirious...
    Delirious result is not always after delirium...

  • In the new conditions the competition of services has the crucial importance, but not the number of computers.

  • More often a student is forced to know not what is necessary for his/her professional work but what the teacher knows.

  • Inspired
    *What is Matryoshka?
    It is when China goes to the euro-zone.

    *When the Conscious weeps for the Body,
    the Body should think about the Eternal.

    *On the way someone is always ahead,
    And only at the dead end you can be first. 

    *It is dangerous to write what you are reading about,
    But not less dangerous to read what you are writing about

  • Information Satiety (Overeating) Phenomenon and as a Consequence the Phenomenon of Information Selection.

  • When you have remembered – it’s dangerous to forget,
    But when you have understood – it’s not important to forget!

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The Paradoxes Of Our Mind    

Two roads, two ways...from mein fathers poems

P. S. The best friend of Compromise is Uncertainty…

Сhildren don't have to depend on parents