pedagogical faculty

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Pedagogical Faculty

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Dean of the Faculty – Lyubov Pyetukhova.

Pedagogical faculty - one of the prestigious schools of Kherson State University, which trains specialists in the areas of "Preschool education", "Elementary Education" for the RVO: Bachelor and Master.
Students have the opportunity to acquire one of specializations choice: child psychology, speech therapy, Fundamentals, Ukrainian musical art.
The quality of training provided by highly qualified teaching staff based on modern training facilities. It serves specialized classrooms for academic classes, university and specialized Departmental library with reading rooms, sports halls, an auditorium for lessons in music, visual arts and more.
Comprehensive development of the future teacher promotes student participation in the arts faculty groups: exemplary academic choir (Head - Honored Worker of Education Robert Kozjane), the vocal ensemble "Tavrychanochka" (Head A. Vladimirov), musical circle, creative workshops and more.
Given the current requirements for teachers, faculty expands and diversifies its expertise, strengthens and modernizes facilities, constantly improving scientific and methodical forms of the educational process.
Structure of the Faculty
Dean (ca. 212)
Department of Education preschool and primary education (primary education section) (ca. 204)
Department of Education preschool and primary education (pre-school education section) (ca. 206)
Department of Natural and Mathematical Sciences and speech therapy (ca. 208)
Department of Philology (ca. 214)
Laboratory of educational research and innovative technologies (st. 203a)
Arts Center of Frederick Frobelya (ca. 217)
Training room (ca. 201)

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